On this week’s podcast, Gini Dietrich gives a textbook demonstration of how to start a podcast, we look at one important element of success in managing distributed workforces, and we look at the marketing and advertising hangover from the implementation of GDPR. All this, and news from the CPRS Annual Conference.

Gini’s podcast, Spin Sucks, launched with three episodes. We talk about Gini’s approach to packaging and launching the podcast, and how she hopes to use it to build the Spin Sucks community. Not surprisingly, there’s real method to Gini’s actions. A text book example of how to launch a new podcast.

We also talk about the trend to building geographically dispersed teams freed of the need to show up at the office each day. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, just celebrated their 15th anniversary. And they also gave up their last office. Automattic has built a business that lasts with a team that works from the space that works for then. We see this happening more and more in communications and marketing. But there’s one important lesson from Automattic’s experience. It is important to bring people together at key times.

We all had two years to prepare for GDPR. So, are you surprised that so many organizations were not prepared for its May 25 effective date? Well, it’s clear that many weren’t. It’s also clear that GDPR is having an impact on advertising, with significant drop offs in advertising volumes reported in days following its implementation.

Also, Martin is shares some of the discussions that stood out for him at this year’s CPRA Annual Conference in Charlottetown.


The Spin Sucks podcast on iTunes

Automatic makes the distributed workforce work, Oliver Staley

A GDPR hangover for the publishing industry, Mathew Ingram

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