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Note to Self’s Privacy Paradox series

Do you care about retaining (some) control of your privacy while online? Do you want to know who is creeping you and how they are doing it? Do you want tips for some simple measures you can take to retain some control over your personal information? If you said yes to any of these questions, click over to Privacy Paradox, a project of WNYC’s excellent Note to Self podcast. Register to participate and each day for five days you will receive and email with links to a special podcast episode, personal challenges you can take to assess your own privacy and tips on tools you can use to maintain awareness and retain some control. Time well spent.

The Washington Post goes to Snapchat

Snapchat’s user growth may have been slowed by Instagram Live Stories. But that’s not stopping news media from continuing to flock to it. The latest is the Washington Post, which launched on Snapchat Discover. I’m all for news media drawing revenue from any source they can. But it still seems to me that Snapchat is not a place people go to find the news.

The Neverending News Cycle

Round and round we go. When the United States has a President who seems to rarely sleep and always has his Twitter feed at hand, how can news organizations plan media announcements? Is there any such thing as clear space any longer. Or even a clear time of day?

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