Reddit and Apple fill the news void left by Facebook

Apple News and Reddit’s new news tab both offer something useful to news consumers. And Instagram’s IGTV offers a fresh take on long form video. But Google’s Podcasts app doesn’t appear ready for prime time.

Serious news consumers have two interesting new news aggregators. We already know about the value of RSS feeds in a newsreader like Feedly. And a smart feed of news through Google News. Now two new promising sources of news from Apple and Reddit. Apple is offering a new channel of reliable news about the mid-term US elections. Reddit has added a news tab to its IOS interface. These are encouraging takes on news delivery that fill the gap left by Facebook’s retreat from news.

Also, Instagram celebrates 1 billion users with the launch of IGTV – long form video on Instagram. IGTV has a winning format for video added to an app we love.

Finally, Google introduces Google Podcasts for people using Android. And it’s receiving brutal reviews. Gini, Martin and Joe all use iOS devices. So, we don’t have direct experience with podcasts on Android. If you listen to Inside PR on an Android device, please let us know if you’ve tried the new Google Podcast app and what you think about it.


Can Apple’s new unbiased, “fact-based” news section really remain unbiased? Andy Meek

Reddit is testing a news tab in its iOS app, Kris Holt

TL;DR: Some iOS users will see a news tab we’re testing and we want your feedback

Google Podcasts is pretty but basic, Terrence O’Brien

Welcome to IGTV, Instagram release

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