Inside PR 3.09: Martin Waxman at the Social Capital Conference


We’re almost finished our summer series of interviews (and will be back recording new shows next week!). And we’ve been fortunate to talk with some very intelligent and interesting people in our industry.

This week, we air Martin Waxman‘s interviews with three presenters at the Social Capital Conference in Ottawa this June.

The conference blended formal presentations with community/un-conference style sessions on topics ranging from Twitter to LinkedIn, the technical details of self-hosting a blog to the how-tos of personal branding, and online community building to social media in the workplace.

Martin was thrilled to be the keynote speaker. The crowd sure loved him, because he started trending in Ottawa on Twitter. Go Martin!

Martin caught up with Tanya Snook, a web and social media strategist for the Government of Canada, also known as @spydergrrl on Twitter. They talk about Tanya’s presentation which concentrated on five ways not-for-profits can successfully engage in social media.

Martin also spoke with Kat Inokai, whose Trying Times blog is featured on YummyMummyClub. They talk about Kat’s experience about blogging on subjects that are very private in her life. Some believe she is too open. Kat and Martin explore her story and discuss privacy for bloggers.

And finally, Martin interviewed the closing keynote speaker at the Conference, Heather Greenwood Davis, a writer with more than 15 years of journalism experience in traditional media. Recently, she just got back from a year travelling around the world with her husband and two young boys. Martin and Heather discuss how she used social media to keep in touch with family and enhance her experience abroad. You can read about her travels on her blog.

Thanks to all three ladies for their time and wisdom.  And thanks to all the organizers of Social Capital!


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