Going to the Mat[tresses]

What’s the matter with mat stories? Quite a bit, in the absence of full disclosure. We talk about the different approaches to mat stories taken by the two largest providers in North America, NAPs in the United States and News Canada north of the border. We talk about where the responsibility for disclosure resides and we see that there may be failings at all three points in the news chain, PR agencies, mat distributors and publishers.

We also look at Facebook’s curious performance during and after its testimony before a Canadian Parliamentary Committee. Called to testify about its privacy policies, Facebook’s spokesperson first told Parliamentarians that Facebook has its own interpretation of Canadian lobbying laws. An interpretation that resulted in Facebook having no lobbyist registration, despite the fact that Facebook was on record having meetings with several Cabinet Ministers. Curious, said the NDP’s Charlie Angus. But, there’s more. To top it off, Facebook, the distribution platform on which many Canadians receive their news, refused to take any questions from reporters. This, even thought the reporters accompanied Facebook’s Canadian rep down three stories from the Committee hearings to the building exit where he could finally flee them.

Actions speak loudly. And the failure to disclose fully speaks volumes.


Mat stories

CBC’s Kelly Crowe’s take: Health Canada’s ‘Fake News’? It’s not fake, but it’s not news either

The original story CBC levered off: Blacklock News, Feds’ Fake News Cost $577K

Find the disclosure: News Canada’s home page and About Us page

NAPS site for advertisers is different from its site for publishers

Facebook Canada does a Faceplant

Reuters exclusive: Facebook to put 1.5 billion users out of reach of new EU privacy law

Video: Charlie Angus questions Kevin Chan about Facebook’s failure to register its Canadian lobbying activities and move of users out of reach of GDPR

Video: Facebook’s Kevin Chan acts as if the reporters with their microphones in his face are just an illusion

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