Inside PR #122 – Wednesday, July 30, 2008


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This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis and Martin Waxman talk about the importance of writing in PR and give the listeners tips to become better writers. They welcome comments from Josh Turner and Rick Weiss.

Show Notes

00:26 Terry opens the show.

01:47 Terry mentions Shel Holtz’s visit to Toronto.

03:29 Josh Turner leaves a comment about last weeks Inside PR on fit and personality.

07:08 Rick Weiss asks about “too good to be true” hires and whether a company should hire someone so that the “other guy” can’t get them.

09:32 Martin introduces the main topic: Tips to becoming the better writer.

10:30 Tip #1: Read and read a lot. Try to read as eclectically as possible.

13:20 Tip #2: Be Clear. Clarity is absolutely essential in thought and writing.

15:00 Martin talks about the issue of Jargon (or Gobbledygook).

16:22 Tip #3: Writing it small. Learn to pair it down. Be concise and brief. (Martin cites Pontoon by Garrison Keillor as an example)

19:36 Word of Advice: Want to practice good writing? Get on Twitter!

20:26 Tip #4: Re-write and polish! Take the time to make it magnificent before sending it off to edit.

23:25 Tip #5: Watch that style and Grammar! Ensure your style is up to par and your grammar flawless.

We Recommend:

26:55 Tip #6: You can always be a better writer.

We recommend:

  • Volunteering to write articles for your community paper.
  • Write in a journal every day.
  • Take a writing workshop.

30:46 SUPPLEMENT: How to write a news release.


  1. Writes the headline.
  2. Brainstorms his points.
  3. Polishes the piece through 2nd and third drafts


  1. Writes the headline.
  2. Writes a sub-header.
  3. Writes the lead through to the end.
  4. Moves the paragraphs around.
  5. Edits through to the end.

34:14 Tip #7: Develop and work through your own personal style.

35:03 Terry wraps up the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Samantha Lovelace.