Maggie FoxFirst, a little background. The Oct. 31 edition of the Toronto Star had a story about blog monitoring that featured Environics Communications new blog monitoring service. Social media consultant Maggie Fox took some exception to the story through a post on her blog and followed up with a comment to Inside PR.

It’s definitely worth a listen and more discussion. Over to the Inside PR Nation for your thoughts….

Update: Bruce MacLellan, head of Environics Communications has left a comment on David’s PR Works blog.


  1. I do hope that this story gets followed, and that we get a sense of how, when, and who from Environics contacts Maggie.

    I also am grateful to have been pointed to Maggie’s blog. Thanks, guys.

  2. Ooops. I also forgot to say that this is a classic example of how a journalist missed the opportunity to do truly probing journalism on this topic. They should have followed up on the comments Maggie gave them. “Gee, Mr. Environics, why don’t your numbers match the Ipsos numbers?” would have been a great question…

  3. Thanks for jumping in Maggie with what many of us were thinking. The time for “talking” has passed. It’s time to do some “walking.” Here’s hoping Environics enters the fray…

  4. David Author

    Terry, I have sent an email to Richard to try and determine if we have a case of mistaken identity. I’m not sure a PBS talk show would be discussing Maggie’s take on Environics and blogging…

    Stay tuned.

  5. Terry, David,

    FYI, the link to http://www.prworks.ca/ is not resolving correctly. It’s giving a DNS error, which results in me not being able to get to the site.

    I was interested to see the response, so I thought I’d check.

    Thought you should know,
    Dan (who is actually in a hotel in Ottawa as I write this)

  6. David Author

    Dan, I’ve only heard of this happening at Thornley Fallis internal servers due to the redirect that’s been put on the original url.

    I’ll ask the 76 Design guys to take another look, but it seems to be working fine for me from home in Toronto as I write this.

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