This week we feature an interview that Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley did at the PRSA Silver Anvil Awards in New York with the Jet Blue communications team.

Jenny Dervin, vice president of corporate communications at Jet Blue, Victoria Neville, manager of communications for flight operations at Jet Blue, and Phil Walotsky from MWW Group, and their full team where nominated for a PRSA Silver Anvil Award. They share with us on today’s show the communications challenges they faced when their airline went through a union battle.

The team built a communications plan that would inform pilots of their choices and the benefits of not unionizing the airline, but maintaining a positive and direct relationship with pilots and to preserve their company’s culture.

Also, the hosts of Inside PR want to give a big shout out and thank you to their producer Kristine Simpson for the awesome birthday gift celebrating our 300th show, a blooper reel from the past six to seven months. Check it out on her blog. Her gift was much better than the other birthday gift we got, a virus on our website. That may explain the lack of activity on the website, but we are back up and running. Thanks to 76design for the hard work putting us back online, and thanks to everyone for your patience!


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