Martin Waxman and Joe Thornley talk with Gini Dietrich about the elections and the United States does, indeed, have a newly re-elected President.

We also talk about the interesting phenomenon of the differences between the west and east coasts during Hurricane Sandy, which Joe likens to being at a funeral and half the attendees are cracking jokes. And we discussed citizen journalism and the strange trend journalists are faced with fact-finding and creating authenticity of a story based on a single tweet or Facebook update.

But we quickly got into the meat of the podcast, which is an interview with Shel Holtz about his session at the PRSA International Conference: Gamification.

Shel talks about how PR professionals need to think beyond our normal tactics and find a way to connect our brands or client’s brands to gaming. But, to include gamification in our programs, we need to have an understanding of human behavior, sociology, anthropology, and psychology.

Doing so can great an immersive experience for your customers, which creates kinship and loyalty.

To Martin’s point, though, you can’t stick badges on your site and call that gamification.

Listen to what Shel has to say about gamification as a game changer and see the slides he presented at IABC earlier this year.


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