Joseph Thornley here. On this week’s Inside PR, Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and I talk about Gini’s experiment reposting older content and some of the trends in blogging and publishing that it pointed to.

Also, this week, we launch the Inside PR Book Club #IPRBookClub. Each month, we will ask the Inside PR community to suggest a book that they would like to discuss with us. We’ll name the book at the beginning of the month and then take two or three weeks to read it. As we do this, we’ll invite our listeners to read the book as well. And then, most importantly, we’ll ask you to share with us your impressions of the book. What was most useful? What rang true? What missed? We’ll ask you to submit your impressions as comments on the IPR blog. Or even better, we’ll ask you to send us audio comments to the [email protected] email address. Then we’ll collect your comments and our own impressions and put together a special Inside PR episode in which we discuss the book. And I mean WE. Because we plan to play your audio comments and read the comments you leave on the Inside PR blog. Yes, we’re going to not just review books  but make this a real book club with all of us taking part in the discussion.

For our first book, we’re going to talk about something that should be of interest to the podcaster in all of us, The Business of Podcasting by Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin. This is a brand new book by two podcasters who share with us the lessons they have each learned in over a decade of experience in podcasting. It’s a short read – perhaps two hours time. Full of tips and examples. You can get your copy from Amazon.

We also have our #IPRMustKnow segment. This week, we tell you about three things we think you should be sure to note:

The New York Times is reinventing the way it presents advertisements on mobile devices;

Facebook marches on. They now can claim 1.49 BILLION monthly active users. Facebook, he Internet for most of us.

Gini points us to an article of useful tips to ensure that we stay on the right side of the law with our visual storytelling.

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