This week, we have something special: Joe’s interview with Neville Hobson, co-host of the Hobson & Holtz Report and one of the first PR podcasters.

But first, our #InsidePRMustKnow segment.

Martin: The social news distribution space is getting a little more crowded. Facebook’s adding a Twitteresque app to let publishers send out breaking news alerts.

Joe: An academic study shows that what works for marketing – good SERP – also will affect voting decisions in elections. Something for us all to be aware of and vigilant about. Also, helps understand the concern of European authorities over the dominant share of search held there by Google.

Gini: How do you drive more traffic to a podcast? Eden Spodek, who’s launching her own podcast in a few weeks, suggests posting the audio and an image to YouTube and Gini tried that. We’ll let you know what happens.

Now onto Joe’s conversation with Neville …

As you’ve probably heard, Neville is leaving the FIR Network after 10 years and tells us he’s going to be focusing on creating more written content. In a wide-ranging discussion, he takes us on a journey that begins with the early days of podcasting, or as he calls it ‘home brew radio’. Neville tells stories about what he’s observed and learned along the way. He mentions some of the people who inspired him and shares his thoughts on what makes a podcaster great (hint – curiosity).

And speaking of podcasting… Just a reminder that we kick off our #InsidePRBookClub next week with a discussion of The Business of Podcasting by Donna Papacosta and Steve Lubetkin. We hope you’ll read it and share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s hard to believe the Hobson & Holtz Report is coming to an end. They’ve done so much for the industry been a huge source of professional development for many of us. I enjoyed listening to Joe’s interview with Neville Hobson.

    Thanks very much for mentioning Ada’s Sisters. It’s now available on iTunes. Building on what Gini discussed about publishing a podcast on YouTube, we decided to do it two ways for our first episode. We used TunesToTube with an MP3 file and a static image ( We created a video version with animations for the intro and outro too ( We’re testing both versions to see if one resonates better with listeners and would love to know what InsidePR listeners think too.

    Let me know if you’d like an audio version of this comment too.

  2. Martin Author

    Thanks Eden. You’re so right by how much Neville and Shel have done for the industry – they’ve been leading the way!

    Good luck with your podcast and thanks for sharing the YouTube tips. We’ll check it out.

    And we wish you all the best with your new podcast. To semi-paraphrase Frasier, ‘We’re listening…’

  3. Thanks Martin! Apologies for the delayed reply but as you know, I’ve been off the grid for a while. 🙂 Please keep listening, Episode 3 is going live tomorrow.

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