Inside PR #106 – Tuesday, April 8th, 2008


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This week on Inside PR, the Inside PR panel go live to the Groundhog Pub where they tackle the tough question of who owns the social media space and field questions and statements from the Third Tuesday audience.

This weeks Inside PR panel consists of: Terry Fallis, David Jones, Julie Rusciolelli, Keith McArthur and Martin Waxman.

Show Notes

00:24 Terry introduces the show

01:26 Dave makes bad joke about spinal tap, a pod and a zucchini wrapped in tin foil.

01:43 Dave introduces the nights topic: PR in social media

02:46 Dave commences the conversation about who “owns” social media

06:20 Julie brings up Dove’s Evolution by Ogilvy as well as the Bridezilla and Subservient Chicken social media campaigns

08:26 Keith takes the stance ith Terry and Dave that PR has a hold on the social media space

08:56 Martin brings up the first main difference between PR and advertising’s activities in the space. Advertising does it, PR talks about it.

10:37 Tamera from the audience points out that really the social media space belongs to the customer

12:23 Julie infers that agencies are the flippers on the social media pin ball machine.

14:01 Dave issues the challenge of being a part of the social media space with out being seen as manipulating the space

14:15 Dave Ford, from the audience, continues Tamera’s argument referencing Dell and Starbucks

15:05 Keith calls social media a cultural revolution

15:36 Martin references Giovanni Rodriguez and DIY

17:20 Mary Margret Jones of the audience brings up the challenge of getting clients to buy in

21:29 Keith mentions how dangerous it can be to have clients buying in without really knowing what it is

23:17 Carman from the audience starts the conversation about the PR/marketer hybrid

25:19 Julie states that the side that knows the client best will win the projects and thus the space

27:25 An unidentified audience member asks about transparency

28:20 Terry goes over some negative outcomes of not being transparent

29:37 Martin mentions having fun in the space and references the Captain Morgan blog

31:04 Brian from the audience talks about the arrogance of companies in thinking they own the social media space

32:47 Terry rephrases the initial question: What type of agency can best get the client effective social media space and activity

33:35 An audience member asks about the difference between PR and Ad in the social media space

35:13 David Ford, from the audience, asks about a recessions effect on the social media space

37:44 Keith answers with “if it’s working people will spend money on it, recession or not”

38:43 Terry thanks CNW for their constant support and making every Third Tuesday come alive with sound

39:02 Dave wraps up the show

Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

This weeks episode of Inside PR was produced by Samantha Lovelace.