Inside PR 2.77: Jay Baer Talks Corporate Culture


This week, Jay Baer, of Convince and Convert and The Now Revolution fame, is our guest.

We interviewed him at the PRSA International Conference in Orlando last month and thought now was a great time to run it.

It’s 2012 planning time so we discuss with him the things people ought to remember when using the social tools, trends to watch, and what to consider for next year.

A few things you want to pay particular attention to while you listen:

– His keynote topic at the conference was the goal of corporate culture in speed, authenticity, and response, not about social media.
– He talks about how social media success isn’t about the tools and technology. It’s about corporate culture and being social instead of doing social.
– He wants you to remember that the tools always change. If you focus on the tools, when they die, go public, or get bought out, you’re going to be left with the smoking wreckage of a plan not focused on strategy.
– He says the goal is not to be good at social media. The goal is to be good at business, using social media.

We ask him what are the three things he wants you to take away and he outlines them for us.

We also discuss how, as consumers we have so much more information about at our fingertips, it’s important for companies to be sustainable, human, approachable, and engage to help us make our decisions.

Ending with what’s next for Jay Baer and the four words Martin takes away every time he hears Jay speak.

It’s been said multiple times during the podcast, but if you’ve never heard Jay speak, you’ll quickly understand why he’s one of the industry’s most sought-after experts.

He walks the walk, is highly engaging, and is really, really smart.



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Inside PR #166 – Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis and David Jones discuss client/vendor relationships and Martin Waxman reports from sunny California.

00:26 Dave opens the show.

05:08 Dave starts a discussion stemming from a YouTube video he saw about client/vendor relationships posted on Dave Fleet’s blog.

26:50 Terry introduces Martin’s segment, recorded in Palm Springs, California at the Counselors Academy Conference.

27:22 Martin gives us some highlights of the conference and tells us he will be interviewing the following people:  Pat McNamara of Apex Public Relations, Deborah Weinstein of Strategic Objectives, Joseph Thornley of Thornley Fallis Communications, Elise Mitchell of Mitchell Communications Group, Gini Dietrich of Arment Dietrich, Scott Farrell of Golin Harris and Jason Baer of Convince and Convert.

40:36 Terry closes the show.

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