Inside PR 2.90: We indemnify you


First we mention for a new startup out of Toronto now in public beta. JugnooMe is a dashboard that helps small business owners figure out which messages to use on various platforms, how to schedule them and how to measure the results.  It also has a Social Advisor tool that acts like a virtual consultant and answers the question: what do you do next?

Jugnoo offers social search monitoring, reputation management, engagement, video creation from inside the platform, social commerce and analytics all under one roof. And there’s more to come.  Good luck to Danny Brown and Hessie Jones, who are both involved.

Martin kicks off the next segment by introducing a comment about Pinterest from listener Petra Opelova.

Gini talks about Pinterest’s copyright issues and how the company’s terms of service puts the onus on the user. As a result, people need to be careful about the items they’re pinning, because all the liability could fall on them.

Joe believes adhering to copyright is important and buys the images he uses on his blog and other sites. However, he says unless a person makes a concerted effort to ensure they own the items they’re sharing online, they’re at risk of violating copyright.  Joe compares Pinterest’s terms of service to the indemnity clause many large corporations add to their contracts, thereby shifting the risk from the company that has the resources to the small business it’s working with.

Do you adhere to copyright when you’re sharing online? What do you think about Pinterest’s terms of service and indemnity deflection? We’d love to hear from you.


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