Inside PR 422: The Business of Podcasting, YouTube, and More

It’s the last week of summer and Joe, Martin, and I are ready to read some books. We hope you enjoyed our first installment of book club…and will participate in future events.

This week, we discuss the business of podcasting, how to use YouTube with the audio shows, and more.

But first, this week’s #IPRMustKnows:

  1. Podcasting Embraces a New Era of Cool.

  2. Facebook is Eating YouTube’s Lunch When it Comes to Video Views and Sharing.

  3. Is There Enough Benefit to Putting Podcasts on YouTube?

We also talk about the Four Great Canadian Marketing and PR Podcasts (plus one American, who is an honorary Canadian), and blogging’s bad rap from Alison Garwood Jones.

Then we answer a comment from John Kouten, the CEO of JFK Communications.

Listened to 415.

I have: FB, twitter, Linked In.  However I rarely post and rarely follow.

I am unsure about Goggle+

My problem is I don’t know how to find the time to use these channels as I am an agency principal.  I have sales, operations, HR and other time killers.

Any advice?

We give John some advice, which works for anyone in PR—executive, business owner, or not.

And, if you’d like to participate in next month’s IPR Book Club, leave us a comment here on what you’d like to read and we’ll add to our pile!

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