Inside PR #125 – Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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This week on Inside PR, David Jones and Julie Rusciolelli talk about key messages and welcome comments from Nathaniel Reagan and Robert Moffat.

Show Notes

00:30 Dave introduces the show.

01:56 Dave reads a comment from Nathaniel Ragan.

04:58 Dave reads a comment from Robert Moffat.

05:53 Dave introduces the main topic of discussion for this Inside PR.

06:50 Julie talks about her interview with Patricia Lovett-Reid on Money Talk of BNN. The interview will air August 25, 2008.

11:23 Dave describes what a key message is.

15:13 Dave reviews steps to writing Key Messages:

15:56 Planning

19:05 Assembling the facts/proof points

20:51 Testing the messages

22:35 Rehearsing the conversation

27:16 Training the spokes person on the Key Points

31:10 Dave talks about Q&A documents.

33:16 Dave sums up the steps to writing key messages.

34:54 Dave wraps up the show.

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