Monday was Victoria Day in Canada and a statutory holiday so we’re a day later than usual with our regular weekly episode of IPR. In this week’s show, we read and discuss listener comments, recap the MESH conference, and talk at some length about the importance of chemistry and personal fit in securing and sustaining client relationships. The show closes with the second installment of “PR words to banish.”

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Show Notes

00:28 David opens the show noting that we’re again recording via Skype.

1:13 David and Terry discuss an e-mail comment from Francis Wooby in Iqaluit, our northernmost IPR listener.

5:43 Terry introduces comments from Sheldon Rose about the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms, and Dan Brien on the notion of video podcasting.

(Somehow we forget to highlight a couple of comments left on the Inside PR blog page by Robert French and C.C. Chapman.  Our mistake.  We’ll cover them off in IPR #9.)

10:10 David and Terry close the loop on the MESH conference held last week in Toronto. David mentions that the slides he used in his presentation on blogging are available at PRWorks.

12:57 David notes that Joe Thornley is blogging from the Counselors Academy Spring Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

13:35 Terry and David discuss the show’s major topic, the role of chemistry and personal fit in securing and sustaining long term client relationships. Listeners may wish to check out the following blogs/podcasts for more on the importance of relationships: David Maister, Manager Tools, and Todd Defren.

28:14 Terry and Dave briefly discuss the second entry in a new IPR segment called “PR words to banish.”

30:01 Terry thanks the listeners and closes out the show with a reminder that comments are encouraged and can be left on the blog at www.insidepr.ca or e-mailed to [email protected].

Intro/extro music: Our theme music is Streetwalker by Cjacks and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


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