Mitch Joel and his thoughts on educating PR students on social media

Tac Anderson on our challenges with the comment line and his feelings that all PR pros should be blogging

David Phillips on the evolution of the Web and its impact on communications
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  1. Judy Gombita

    Very “think-outside-the-box” David. You have my thumb’s up. As someone who told you at the front end to please keep Inside PR short (or I wouldn’t listen on a regular basis), I quite like the idea of keeping each edition focused on that day’s agenda, and allowing the listener (OK, community member) to “super-size” (or not) the core offering with supplemental listening (or reading, for that matter) material.

    Much more targeted for today’s time-starved practitioner.


  2. David Author

    If there’s one person who I thought this would appeal to, it was you. Your thoughts on the optimal length being 20 minutes still haunt me as the show has crept up to double that on a couple of occassions. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Judy Gombita

    Well, thank you, muchly, for the extra consideration. Ideally, my opinion re: optimal length is shared by the majority of your listeners. (As you know, social media guru, Amy Gahran, recently posted something about best practices, including length.)

    Rest assured, the Phantom of Inside PR won’t haunt you, no matter what format Terry and you decide upon (too funny). More importantly, I promise not to sing….

    Keep up the great work.


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