So much for our 30-minute rule…we blew it out of the water this week, clocking in at 43 minutes before we close the show with a track from the new band Fair Ground. We had an embarrassment of riches with a lot of comments and feedback this week, so we got thrown off. We’ll tighten it up and get back to as close to 30 minutes as we can in future episodes. Hopefully the show notes will help you navigate to the parts that interest you the most.

Please keep the comments coming through the blog and don’t be shy about dropping us an audio comment (Waxmail works well) or regular e-mail to [email protected], or call our new comment line: 206-600-4741.

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Show Notes:

0:28 Terry opens the show and notes the comment line is active and awaiting your calls. 206-600-4741

1:20 David talks about posting the audio comments to the blog as they are received as opposed to saving them up for the weekly podcast. What do the listeners think?

7:24 Tac Anderson audio comment about the necessity of PR people to know about and actually blog themselves. David and Terry discuss the value of learning about blogging and podcasting first-hand, but also recognize that it’s not realistic to expect that every PR person will or should become a blogger/podcaster themselves.

15:24 Joe Thornley calls with congratulations on our 10th podcast and summarizes his visits to the mesh, Counselor’s Academy and IABC conferences and notes the differences in interest in and uptake for social media at each. Joe blogged all three on ProPR.

19:02 Terry notes that the PRSA has started a blog…and called it For Immediate Release (whoops!)

20:43 Terry announces that comments from Mitch Joel and David Phillips are available on the Inside PR blog.

21:15 Terry references a string of e-mails that circulated among marketing and PR podcasters starting with Joe Jaffe who advised that he had nominated everyone for a Marketing Sherpa award. The e-mails were flying as discussions of a central blog to aggregate all the podcasts and a possible names for the group were floated.

23:03 Dave came up with an acronym for the group–iCAMP (International Communications and Marketing Podcasters), but Joe Jaffe’s CAPOW (Communications and Advertising Podcasters Of the World) is pure brilliance.

25:33 Dave mentions that Shel Holtz was to make sure that Donna Papacosta and Heidi Miller are included in CAPOW.

25:40 Dave talks about visiting Halifax, Nova Scotia to talk at the Atlantic Communications Forum on June 20/21. Dave will be presenting on social media and blogs.

26:38 Terry will be attending Podcasters Across Borders in Kingston, Ontario where he will also meet with CC Chapman to record our first mash-up.

27:38 Dave mentions that he has received a track from the band Fair Ground.
29:08 Terry and Dave discuss the bain of the agency person’s existence: billing our time/doing timesheets. We chat about fee-for-service, retainer, value-billing and coming in under-budget.

38:10 Dave introduces Chris Clarke’s weekly segment on his entry into the PR agency world. This week he talks about his first two-weeks at Thornley Fallis.

42:08 Dave closes the show and reminds the listeners to leave their comments on the Inside PR blog, via e-mail at [email protected] or by using the comment line at 206-600-4741.

42:34 Dave asks for feedback on the comments being posted on the blog and not exclusively on the podcast.

42:48 Dave introduces the Fair Ground track “Down In It.” Vote for it on their site if you like it.

Intro music: Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

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