Thought I’d do a little forward-thinking test using the podPress plug-in on our WordPress blog. I figured there is no good reason that we should hold on to our audio comments that come in via Waxmail or through our comment line for the podcast. Why not post them as they come in?

So here’s one from Joe Thornley received following IPR 11:

The question then becomes do we still include them as part of the show for our listener community, or do we just point people to the blog to hear the comments they feel like listening to?

I’m trying to force myself to think about podcasts differently from weekly radio programs. Is it a show? Is it a program? Are Terry and I co-hosts with listeners, or are we co-facilitators to a community (a fantastic Holzism)? Does the date matter? Should we even discuss time-bound news given that the podcast lives forever and the story has already been told in real time in the blogosphere?

What do you, the listeners, er…, community think?


  1. Interesting experiment.
    But I have to say, not very satisfying for the commenter.
    I submitted a comment because it would give me an opportunity to interact with Terry and Dave. Having my comment simply posted on the podcast blog removes it from the context in which it was submitted and sets it outside the discussion that takes place on the podcast. What is the use of standing in an empty room and commenting?

  2. David Author

    Well put. But comments are always asynchronous and out of context from the original podcast that spawned them. My thought is that having it available now, while the podcast is still fresh allows those who have listened already (and those who haven’t listened yet) to interact with the commenter now. I hope it leads to the type of discussion that happens around typed comments.
    It doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t play them on the next podcast and discuss further, but if your comment stimulates more discussion, then we’ll have even more context that would be driven by you and hopefully that will increase commenter satisfaction.

    As you said, it is an experiment…

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