Well, IPR #13 is closer to 30 minutes than we were last week, but at just over 38 minutes, we’re still over our half-hour target. With a load of comments and news items this week, we were bound to go long. Let us know what you think about the length of the show. Our instinct is to aim for 30 minutes but to let the content itself be the final arbiter. We’d be grateful for your views on the matter.

On to IPR #13. This week our discussion topic in the latter part of the show is whether or not PR firms should separately brand their social media expertise as High Road Communications announced this week they would.

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Show Notes:

00:27 David Jones opens the show and invites comments to our comment line 206-600-4741, the IPR show blog, or to [email protected].

01:31 David introduces a comment from Glen Myles in Singapore about a new podcast called The Panel.

03:35 Terry reads a comment from Erik Deutsch a principal of the ExcelPR Group in Los Angeles.

04:25 Terry sets up an audio comment from Bryan Person who has recently started a great PR podcast called New Comm Road.

09:28 David introduces an audio comment from Terry’s colleague Joseph Thornley of the ProPR blog.

12:26 Terry talks briefly about David Phillips and his interesting approach to lecturing his students on social media. Check out his podcast/blog/lecture.

13:48 David and Terry discuss McMaster University‘s new Masters in Communications Management starting this fall. Terry reports briefly on his visit to Queen’s University and his meeting with the Associate Dean of the MBA program about more effectively integrating communications/PR in the curriculum.

17:17 Terry talks about the Podcasters Across Borders conference in Kingston where he recorded his end of IPR #13 via Skype.

20:05 Terry notes that C.C. Chapman could not make it to Podcasters Across Borders so the much anticipated Inside PRManaging the Gray mashup will have to wait, but we will do it sometime.

20:52 Terry mentions that Thornley Fallis Communications has a new blog called PR Girlz written by a number of the women at TFC. Welcome to the blogosphere.

21:21 David and Terry tackle the show’s major topic of discussion: High Road Communications‘ decision to brand their social media expertise separately as Vox. There was some controversy in the blogosphere about using the name Vox as it is already used by another social media firm. Debate ensues.

32:52 Terry introduces Chris Clarke’s regular segment chronicling his transition from PR student to agency account coordinator.

36:41 Terry invites comments on the show’s length or on any other topic to the Inside PR blog or to [email protected].

Intro music: Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


  1. Great show, guys.

    Regarding your posts of audio comments as single posts, I think it is a good idea. It may well drive comments and interest in your site, as well as keeping fresh content for visitors up on the site.

    I’m beginning to like short audio posts, kind of like actualities. At the Camp ASCCA Journal my students are posting actualities rather than full blown produced podcasts. If nothing else, it shows how PodPress may be used to enhance posts – kind of like an online newsroom would use actualities to enhance releases with multimedia.

    Great to hear about McMaster’s new degree and Queen’s incorporation of PR into the business curriculum, too. I like the way you both create a broad podcast covering a wide variety of issues and sectors of the PR industry. I believe, on that score, you are the best. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Robert. We appreciate your feedback and on-going support. I too like the idea of short audio posts. Just another conversation starter…

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