I’ve never really understood how the PubSub PR list actually works/worked, but I did know that it felt better to be higher up the list than lower.
Now, there has been lots of talk of PubSub’s financial problems lately and there is the fact the list hasn’t been updated since June 20th, but none of that negates the fact that for a brief, shining moment the Inside PR blog was at the top of the list.

We’re proud to be number 1…whatever it means. (If anyone knows, please tell us!)



  1. Gentlemen,
    You can never know the secret behind the daily yo-yo that is the Pub Sub PR listing. If you ever found out it would crack the foundations of reality – so, please, don’t ask. Congratulations, anyway, take your day in the sun and screen capture the hell out of it. Nice work, great podcast.

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