This week on Inside PR, David welcomes Mitch Joel from Twist Image and the man behind the Six Pixels of Separation podcast as co-host in Terry’s absence. Mitch and David talk about a variety of social media matters, with podcasting being central to each of their topics for discussion. Let us know what you think of Mitch as a guest co-host. Send us a comment through the comment line (206-600-4741), [email protected], or leave a comment here to the show blog.

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Show Notes

00:40 David introduces this week’s co-host, Mitch Joel

01:07 David introduces Terry’s segment

01:45 Terry steps into the confessional and talks about his struggle with the task of delegation

05:20 Terry re-introduces his favorite segment, “PR Words to Banish”. This week word: “comprise”

06:18 Terry bids everyone adieu and vows to return for next week’s show

06:42 David invites listener comments to the comment line (206-600-4741), the show blog, or to [email protected]

07:18 David asks co-host Mitch Joel for an explanation of how he came to be a star in the social media scene

07:46 Mitch confesses that his first gig came in 1989 when he interviewed Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, talks about how he got involved in the dotcom boom and bust, and how Twist Image was founded

10:31 David asks Mitch how he characterizes Twist Image

12:06 Mitch confesses that Twist Image is not just seeking out clients, but clients are seeking out Twists Image. Mitch has been working on the Internet since the earliest days of the 90s.

13:17 David confesses to being a traditional PR guy, and that his means of finding information is Google

14:55 David talks about transparency in the PR world and how social media is helping bring everyone together

16:12 Mitch says that it’s just as important to be podcasting as it is to figure out how to do it from a technical standpoint

18:00 David suggests that people interested in the space of podcasting should go out and get their hands dirty and do it themselves.

18:45 Mitch brings up his very first episode of Six Pixels of Separation, which is an example of someone trying out podcasting for the first time. He mentions that his latest guest was CC Chapman.

20:03 David says that podcasters are their own harshest critics, and talks about the artificiality of producing a podcast of the same length on the same day every week

22:12 David brings up the mesh conference in Toronto from this past May

24:00 Mitch talks about his 7-hour presentation for the Canadian Marketing Association called “Blogs: A Marketers’ Secret Weapon”, and brings up that he recently started listening to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code

25:00 Mitch says he found the new talk radio, and it’s called podcasting. He says he wouldn’t call himself a podcaster just yet, but that he appreciates the immediacy of the podcasting medium

27:40 Mitch likes the fact that there is not much gear needed to be podcasting. It becomes about quality content rather than quality production

30:10 David brings up Chris Clarke. He and Mitch talk about his blog, and Mitch says about Clarke, “He did it, and he got it”.

31:30 Chris Clarke’s weekly segment

34:20 David introduces and reads Chris Clarke’s former classmate Megan Zinn’s comment to the show blog

36:15 David closes the show and invites listener comments to the comment line (206-600-4741), the show blog, or to [email protected]

36:34 David thanks Mitch for co-hosting and invites listeners to check out his podcast

Intro music: Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


  1. I think we all love Chris Clarke, even just a little bit.

    I hope to have just half the success he’s had.

    Cheers, Chris.

    And cheers David and Mitch. Mitch, great job on your podcast. Here’s to many more.


  1. Twist Image - Mitch Joel Blog - Marketing and Communication Insights

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