This week on Inside PR, David and Terry talk about a variety of matters. They discuss the ideal background of a public relations practitioner, the importance of public relations to claim social media as its own, a new service called Weblog Wire, and Mary Ellen Armstrong of Thornley Fallis Communications’ MA work being published in an upcoming book. Also, Terry brings back the segment “PR Words to Banish”, and Chris Clarke presents his weekly segment as well.

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Show Notes

00:32 Terry opens the show and welcomes first-time listeners and thanks returning listeners for listening to this week’s episode. He thanks Mitch Joel from Six Pixels of Separation for filling in last week while he was vacationing in France with his family.

02:08 David invites listener comments to the comment line (206-600-4741), through email ([email protected]) or to the show blog.

03:10 Terry asks readers to visit the show blog to hear audio comments from Owen Lystrup and Mitch Joel.

03:45 Terry introduces an audio comment from Colin McKay from Ottawa. This comment was intended for Episode 14 and has been on the blog for some time now. Colin says PR is a bit slow to react as an industry, and that more leadership is necessary in the PR world’s trade publications.

06:00 David and Terry discuss Colin’s comment. The two of them agree with Colin’s view and and cite examples such as Paul Holmes’ The Holmes Report as one who is doing great work on the topic.

11:00 David brings up a PR measurement survey via Katie Paine run by University of Maryland student Debra Berthard-Caplick. Those interested in participating are encouraged to do so.

12:06 Weblog Wire is a wire service that offers press release distribution to bloggers. Terry and David discuss the use and merits of a service that distributes press releases to bloggers.

17:05 Mary Ellen Armstrong of Thornley Fallis Communications has had her MA dissertation from Cardiff University in Wales published in a book by former BBC correspondent Nicholas Jones titled “Trading Information: Leaks, Lies, and Tradeoffs.”

21:05 The final comment comes from Vishnu Mahmud in Jakarta, Indonesia. Vishnu wants to know what kind of people make good PR pros, to which Terry and David work out some answers as their discussion. Terry does not believe that good PR pros are necessarily journalism majors, graduates of a community college PR program, or graduates of MA programs. He thinks many of those skills cannot be taught, such as being able to connect with people and managing relationships.

26:40 David admits to having a journalism degree and says that he has had great success in hiring journalism students into PR, but he says that their success probably had little to do with journalism. He elaborates, saying literate, well-rounded people do well in PR.

37:00 David introduces Chris Clarke‘s weekly segment, in which he discusses astroturfing as a hot topic in public relations.

40:55 Terry introduces this week’s “PR Word to Banish”: fulsome

42:40 David wraps up the show and invites comments to the comment line (206-600-4741), through email ([email protected]) or to the show blog at insidepr.ca.

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  1. On your right nav column, at the bottom, you have an itunes chicklet image – however, it is incorrectly linked to https://www.insidepr.ca/index.php/2006/07/18/inside-pr-16-tuesday-july-18-2006/images/itunes_badge.gif and should be linked to https://www.insidepr.ca/images/itunes_badge.gif

    Since the image cannot be found at the current location, there is a “broken image” icon displayed instead, and that messages up your page when being viewed in IE and the nav column is way down on the page, below the rest of the content.

    Also, I see tha tyou are using podpres version 4.8

    If you upgrade to podpress 6.6 you can receive audio comments directly into your blog.

    Yup, your site visitors can record and attach audio comments right in here. You may find the latest release here: http://www.mightyseek.com/podpress

    Michael B

  2. Another great show, gentlemen, thank you. As agency life progresses for me, I find more and more value in your show as it applies to PR. And, by the way, I was very, very offended that you would think non-Canadians wouldn’t know who the Habs are. Some of us below the border are fanatics as well. You Canucks don’t have the market cornered…

  3. Luke, I’m glad you’re getting some value out of Inside PR that you can apply to your career.

    There are hockey fans in the States? Don’t tell me you have teams down there too. Next thing you know, you’ll be playing football with four downs.

  4. Terry and David — I really enjoyed show 16, particularly your discussion about what makes a good PR person. I think those five or six minutes should be essential listening for anyone desiring to go into the PR profession, or for those who hire PR firms. It may come as a shock to some that a PR practitioner need not be on a first-name basis with the editor of the NY Times. 😉
    Keep up the great show!

  5. Terry Author

    Hey Donna, thanks for your comment. Loved your ten interview tips from your last show. Glad you’re listening.

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