This week on InsidePR, David and Terry discuss research as a tool for public relations, welcome text comments from Leesa Barnes and Owen Lsytrup and an audio comment from Shel Holtz, add another word to the list of “PR Words to Banish”, and play another segment from Chris Clarke.

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00:28 Terry opens the show, welcomes listeners new and returning, and invites comments to the comment line at 206-600-4741.

01:50 Terry reads a comment to the blog page from Leesa Barnes. She mentions that she was put on to InsidePR by Michael Seaton from The Client Side.

03:45 David mentions that Owen Lystrup was kind enough to leave a comment on the subject of goals and objectives.

04:55 Shel Holtz leaves an audio comment on the differences between goals and objectives, and strategies and tactics. He uses an excellent World War II analogy to explain their differences that he borrows from Wilma Matthews.

08:50 Terry mentions that For Immediate Release has been nominated for a Podcast Award. He encourages listeners to vote early and often here under the “Business” category. He also says that he looks forward to meeting Shel and Neville at the Podcast Expo in Ontario, California.

09:30 David brings up this week’s topic: research and how it fits into public relations.

10:00 Terry clarifies that they will discuss public opinion or market research. He then says that PR people don’t often know enough about public opinion research to fully understand its uses.

12:00 Terry mentions a former client, Molson, and talks about some research Molson’s PR firm did before Thornley Fallis took over the account.

13:55 David mentions that the “Blind Date” survey had nothing to do with the event it should have been intended to promote for Molson’s.

16:30 Terry brings up research work Thornley Fallis did for an organization called “Breakfast for Learning” and how the survey results surprised the PR team at Thornley Fallis. (Disclosure: Terry now sits on the board of BFL.)

20:04 David says that awareness research is important. He finds research is sometimes lacking, and uses examples such as Sony’s debut of the Walkman and the age-old example of New Coke to support his views.

24:45 Terry says that there is a balance between instinct and research. He follows that up saying that he hopes PR practitioners can understand the strategic value of research and not just its common use as a media hook.

26:45 David says to understand what research is and what it can and cannot do.

27:37 David introduces Chris Clarke’s segment for the week.

30:30 Terry and David thank Chris for his comment.

31:35 Terry adds another word to “PR Words to Banish”. This week: utilize.

33:45 David invites comments through the comment line (206-600-4741), to the Inside PR show blog, or to [email protected]. Terry and David also welcome listeners to the Inside PR Blubrry site.

Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


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