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In this special edition of Inside PR, Terry chats with Esther Buchsbaum, the co-founder of Communications Meca and the chair of the Counselors Academy Spring 2007 Conference in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

00:50 Terry welcomes Esther, who joins him from Montreal, Quebec.

01:40 Esther talks about her background in communications.

03:16 Esther talks about how she got involved with the Counselors Academy, how she is able to put together a conference in Mexico from Montreal, and some of the people she asked to help her organize it.

09:03 Terry asks Esther what the the Counselors Academy has to offer compared to the IABC or the CPRS.  Esther explains.

13:35 Esther describes how one can join the Counselors Academy.

14:44 Esther talks about the MRP system.

16:19 Terry brings up social media, and Esther talks about its place within the Counselors Academy conference.

18:50 Terry thanks Esther for her time, and invites listener feedback to the comment line (206-600-4741), to [email protected], or on the show blog.

Background on Esther Buchsbaum

Opening and closing music by Alamantra on the Podsafe Music Network. As always, Roger Dey is our voice-over guru.


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