This week on Inside PR, Terry and David have a discussion about a recent Toronto Star article featuring a Toronto PR agency and its blog monitoring service. They welcome audio comments from Maggie Fox and Luke Armour. They also play Chris Clarke‘s comment for this week. Finally, Terry does his segment of Inside PRoper English.

Show Notes

00:27 Terry introduces the show. He invites listener feedback through email at [email protected], the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog.

01:17 Terry starts off with a little housekeeping. David and Terry talk about Michael O’Connor Clarke joining Thornley Fallis.

03:10 David talks about the redesign of Inside PR’s blog page.

04:58 David brings up the possibility of having music on the show. He and Terry have a short discussion and invite listeners to check out the blog page and vote on the poll.

06:01 Michael Seaton has launched The Client Side Podcast.

07:30 Terry talks about Richard Millington, who is searching for his replacement at work through his blog.

09:26 David talks about the latest Geek Dinner, hosted by Mitch Joel in Toronto>

0:57 Listener comments begins with Michelle Sullivan, who comments on the show where Terry and David talked about RFPs, and sends along an article about agencies charging potential clients for RFPs.

18:53 David introduces a comment from Maggie Fox from the Social Media Group. She is referring to this article in the Toronto Star.

22:30 The discussion on Maggie’s comment has spilled over to David’s blog. David thought that, for the most part, Environics wasn’t making a huge effort to become a part of the conversation. He wonders if a person can be an expert on blogging without having a blog of their own.

27:11 Terry thinks that if a PR firm is to be quoted in the newspaper as an authority about blogging but isn’t seen to be fully engaged in social media, bloggers will have their say about it.

30:11 David thinks that bloggers are fairly sensitive to claims being made about their areas of expertise. He says that it truly is an extension of a person’s thoughts. David wants to point out that he changed his post to reflect the comments from Bruce McLellan from Environics.

32:36 Terry introduces and plays Chris Clarke‘s segment for the week.

35:19 Luke Armour drops in with an audio comment.

38:18 Inside PRoper English for the week: “presently”

40:35 David closes the show and invites listener comments: through email at [email protected], on the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog. Also, they welcomes listeners to the Inside PR Blubrry site.

Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


  1. I’m glad to see our Environics study was discussed by Terry and David. I also liked David’s amusing summary of the characters who posted on his site last week about the topic. We continue to monitor (and occasionally add comments) the coverage and just don’t understand why attacks are necessary from some people. It seems to me that our clients would use that as reason to shy away from the blogosphere. Anyway, more bloging about blogging may not be welcomed by many, so I’ll sign off.

  2. Bruce, who’s been attacking you? Pointing out that your firm, while offering blogosphere monitoring services to clients, seems not to monitor the blogosphere on your own behalf is not an attack. It’s a question, a point of interest, and something that should be handled strategically, not ignored.

    And I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet!

  3. Steve

    Hello David and Terry,

    A short note from China, where I listen to your podcast every week on my way into work through the heavy morning traffic. I run corporate affairs for a large MNC here, and in a prior life spent the best part of a decade agency side. Just wanted to say I very much enjoy listening to your show. While you speak from a Canadian perspective, the issues and topics you cover are relevant to those working in PR everywhere. Keep up the good work!

  4. Terry Author

    Hi Steve. It’s wonderful to hear from listeners (any listener!) and it’s particularly gratifying when they’re on the other side of the world listening to our humble podcast. We have fun doing it each week and knowing that someone in China is enjoying what they’re hearing makes the late nights and technical problems worthwhile. Thanks…

  5. Steve

    Thanks Terry! Enjoy the banter and dolcite tones…the topics you guys kick around are great. BTW, the PR sector in China is booming, a really interesting (and challenging) time to be working here..Cheers

  6. Freesia Chang

    Hi David and Terry,

    I want to be in a PR agency someday. Your show gives me a lot valuable ideas.  I will keep listening and thank you for your wonderful job.

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