This week on Inside PR, Terry and David have a discussion about the new business pitch. Also, Terry does his segment of Inside PRoper English.

Show Notes

00:27 Terry introduces the show. He invites listener feedback through email at [email protected], the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog.

03:15 Terry introduces a comment from Colin McKay on the topic of government relations.

04:51 A listener in a journalism program named Eliza is searching for a PR professional to be interviewed.

05:48 Terry introduces this week’s main topic for discussion: the new business presentation.

07:15 David starts by naming his four key objectives when going into a new business presentation: demonstrate creativity, show knowledge, deliver the information passionately, and try to make the team and client fit.

08:10 Terry says that he usually brings the whole team into a new business presentation. He seldom brings in the junior people, but he will usually bring the mid-to-senior level people to the presentation. When David worked on the client side, he only wanted to see the people who worked on the account at the new business presentation.

10:30 David doesn’t see any reason to bring the president of the firm to the new business pitch if they won’t be involved in the account. Terry, as a president himself, feels it’s important to be there, as he’s usually involved in the creation of the program. He makes it clear if he won’t be involved day-to-day, and advises that the entire team make their roles clear to the potential client.

13:45 Terry dispels the myth that the evaluation begins once the first slide goes up. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out, your team is being evaluated.

17:30 Terry thinks it’s important to go over some strategies with the client that you considered but rejected instead of simply going over the ideas you selected. David thinks it shows that you possess a knowledge of the business. He thinks that the best way to show knowledge is to ask the right questions because you should never try to sound more knowledgeable than the client.

21:15 David talks about presenting with passion. He thinks it’s important to always show your passionate about a project, even if it’s something less than exciting. Terry warns not to build up a clients expectations, though.

25:00 David wraps up by re-emphasizing creativity, knowledge, passion, and fit.

26:55 Inside PRoper English for the week: discrete and discreet

28:45 David closes the show and invites listener comments: through email at [email protected], on the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog. Also, they welcomes listeners to the Inside PR Blubrry site.

Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


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