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This week on Inside PR, David and Terry talk about conflict resolution and mediation in public relations.

Show Notes

00:32 David introduces the show.

01:49 David talks about the Buffalo vs. Dallas game.

02:15 Terry and David discuss the difference between American and Canadian Thanksgiving.

02:50 Terry reminds listeners of upcoming Third Tuesday events: Toronto – October 15 (featuring Darren Barefoot), Ottawa – October 15 (featuring ‘Mommy Blogger’ Danielle Donders) and Vancouver – October 16 (featuring Joseph Thornley and David Jones).

03:45 Farewell to Chris Clarke, PR buddy. Hello Kyra Aylsworth, new producer of Inside PR.

06:20 David opens a discussion: Is the news release dead?

12:47 Comment from Doug Haslam from Topaz Partners.

15:40 David reads an email from Seneca Corporate Communications student, A.J. Welsh regarding the relevance of conflict resolution in public relations.

17:20 Discussion on the difference between practicing conflict resolution, mediation and crisis management in public relations.

28:35 PRoper English segment on the difference between ‘gamut’ and ‘gambit’.

31:05 Closing remarks.

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  1. Terry Author

    Very strange. I received IPR 80 through iTunes no problem but you’re not the first to mention that 80 wasn’t there. We’ll check it out.

  2. Kaya

    I’ve recently discovered your podcasts, and as someone newly tossed into the world of PR, I am glad to find so many helpful topics! I am wondering if after this show was podcast you received any input regarding conflict resolution in PR? I would like to find out more about as it’s an area of great interest for me. Otherwise, I’d appreciate a chance to talk with A.J. and see if he had any luck…


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