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This week on Inside PR, David and Terry discussed what they would ask for if they could create a social media and PR wish list.  Also, they welcome audio comments from David Fleet and Bernard Goldbach.

Show Notes 

00:36 David introduces the show.

01:06 David and Terry welcome a comment from Dave Fleet

01:10 Dave Fleet gives his comments on the Veritas survey. 

02:38 David and Terry address Dave Fleet’s comments and the Veritas survey results. 

03:48 Dave and Terry welcome a comment from Bernie Goldbach

03:50 Bernie Golbach thanks David and Terry for a great show and talks about how he records and plays many episodes of Inside PR for his class incorporating it into his curriculum. 

04:58 David and Terry thank Bernie for his comment. 

06:28 David introduces today main topic: Social Media & PR Wish list 

27:43 Inside PRoper English: The redundant phrase – “The reason is, because…”

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  1. Josh

    If you make available your podcast on Christmas eve, I’m sure that us non-Christians who aren’t incarcerated would love to tune in. After all, everything is closed and there isn’t really anything all that great on TV either. 😉


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