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This week on Inside PR, Dave and Terry speak with Keith McArthur and Michelle Sullivan about going ‘off the record’.
Show Notes

00:29 Dave introduces himself, the panel and the show.

01:13 Terry welcomes Michelle Sullivan to the show.

03:00 Keith McArthur starts off this week’s discussion about whether or not clients should go ‘off the record’. Cousins of ‘off the record’ include: embargoes, ‘no comment’ and the brown envelope.
27:00 The panel weighs in on the new social media reality and how the rules of going ‘off the record’ are different in the blogosphere.
37:47 Terry thanks the panel and signs off.

Producer’s Note: The change in this podcast’s sound quality is due to the shift in format for Inside PR and should not indicate that Terry is recording inside of a ‘biscuit tin’.
Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks and is from the Podsafe Music Network. Roger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode of Inside PR was produced by Kyra Aylsworth.


  1. I miss the chemistry between Terry and Dave when they’re on they’re own, but this was a fascinating discussion. I never knew what “off the record” *really* meant back in the pre-Internet days–and I suspect I may not be the only one. A point in favor of media training, definitely.

    I suspect the flow of discussion would be better–and the speaking time easier to distribute evenly–if there were just one additional person on the show each week. Certainly it would make keeping track of the voices simpler!

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