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This week on Inside PR, Terry Fallis, Dave Jones, Martin Waxman, Keith McArthur and Julie Rusciolelli discuss hiring interns: the good the bad and the marvelous and debate Earth Hour as an effective communications plan.

Show Notes
00:35 Dave introduces the show and Terry’s nomination for the Leacock medal for humour
02:02 Terry tells the story of how he found out he was short listed for the award. See the picture.
03:53 Terry mentions the IPR hacker.
04:34 Dave talks about live Inside PR at Third Tuesday. Next weeks episode will be recorded live at the Groundhog Pub, Wednesday, April 2nd, from 6pm until 8pm. To RSVP for the event please go to meetup.com
05:48 Martin announces openings for guest speakers. For those of you who do not know what Front Page Challenge is please feel free to check out this explanation.
06:27 Julie tells us about her trip to Hawaii.
09:57 Julie introduces the topic of interns: hiring interns, how interns may differentiate themselves, what not to do or say on your resume/cover letter or in the interview.
14:57 The topic of interns not wanting to do admin work comes up.
16:13 Keith talks about hiring Rayanne Langdon on at Veritas and what they were looking for when hiring her.
22:00 Terry introduces the discussion on Earth Hour as an effective communications tool.
30:54 Terry signs off.

Our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks and is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

Episode #105 of Inside PR was produced by Samantha Lovelace.


  1. Just a further comment on the admin work theme. I know that, for me, doing admin work set me apart right away in my internship in the first week and I received kudos from “people who matter”. It gave me a chance to show what I can do and already I’m getting more responsibility than I would have had if I had to be prodded to do what what I was brought in to do. You’ll quickly get the eyes and ears of your superiors if you do your job, do it well and do it with a good attitude.

    Keep on keepin on, Dave and Terry. I listen frequently and always learn something new about PR.


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