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This week on Inside PR, Terry Fallis, David Jones, Martin Waxman and Julie Rusciolelli and discuss the evolution and potential extinction of the news conference.

Show Notes

00:26 Terry introduces the show

01:44 Terry introduces the comment from Bob Ledrew

03:40 Martin introduces the main topic: What is it with news conferences today?

05:08 Julie talks about a news conference Maverick did for the Sony PSP launch which was highly successful and included celebrity appearances by Wayne Gretzky and Alexisonfire

07:33 Terry talks about a failed news conference where only one freelance writer from CARP Magazine (now Zoomer Magazine) showed up

10:46 Dave talks about when it is a good time to call a news conference. He uses Sir Richard Branson’s coming to Toronto to launch a Virgin product in Canada as an example

13:56 Martin Mentions News Theater

18:08 Julie opens up the topic of the future of the news conference

27:11 Terry wraps up the show

Our theme music is Streetwalker by Cjacks and is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Samantha Lovelace.

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