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This week on Inside PR David Jones, Martin Waxman and Julie Rusciolelli discuss practicing what you preach. At what time, as senior practitioners, do you stop doing the “grunt” work?

Show Notes

00:25 Dave opens the show.

01:00 Dave reminds us about Talk is Cheap, Centennial College‘s unconference, on November 12. Inside PR will be recording a show at the conference in front of an audience.

02:17 Julie introduces the show topic: Do you practice what you preach? At what time, as senior practitioners, do you stop doing the “grunt” work?

04:18 Dave discusses always maintaining your skills in this business. Agencies will go somewhere if they can develop people.

06:56 Martin talks about maintaining your skills.

11:48 Dave discusses people who may be good at PR, but not at managing.

15:55 Dave introduces the discussion of tips that people should consider as they hire senior people, rise up to become senior people or are senior already.

16:24 Dave discusses his first tip: It is okay to delegate authority, but not responsibility.

17:46 Julie talks about delegating authority, but not responsibility.

18:48 Julie introduces the second tip: Get under the skin of the client.

21:32 Martin discusses a third tip: Listening and questioning.

22:32 Dave gives a run-down of things that are important.

25:14 Julie discusses the need for senior practitioners to lead.

27:48 Dave mentions a credo he has which came out of a review with Joe Thornley. The Three “D’s”:
1) Delegate 2) Demand 3) Deliver

29:27 Julie mentions a fourth “D”: Do.

29:54 Martin closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Janna Guberman.


  1. Martin,

    I was so pleased to hear you mentioning how important listening is in the role of a senior public relations leader. Far too often, listening skills seem to decrease as position in the company increases.

    Barbara Nixon
    International Listening Association Life Member & Past President


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