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This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis, David Jones and Martin Waxman welcome questions and comments from listeners and discuss the role of customer service in public relations.

00:26 Terry opens the show.

01:19 Terry welcomes a question from Daniel D.

09:15 Martin tells us the short version of how Palette PR got its name.

12:36 Dave introduces another question from Ian Ross, former president of the CPRS Toronto Chapter.

14:18 Terry, Dave and Martin have an in-depth discussion about the role customer service plays on the agency side of public relations.

25:10 Terry closes the show.

Our theme music is Streetwalker by Cjacks and is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Sarah Laister.


  1. Michael Miller

    I really enjoyed the discussion about the customer service department in show 160 and I wanted to leave my two cents. I think there is great value to be gained from having customer service departments report into marketing or PR. Think about how the metrics would change: from call volume, cost savings and call length; to brand alignment and consistent messaging. Even the training would tend to be more focused on understanding the brand and the value of reputation just based on who you report to.

    This is a channel that has much to offer the organization in terms of gathering information on customer attitudes and behaviour as well, which I think marketing and PR are more aptly suited to interpret and make use of than the operational groups this function often reports to.

  2. He’s currently 1st vice president of the CPRS Toronto board of directors and accreditation committee co-chair. Martin received an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in film, television and theatre from York University in Toronto and is the author of two published books of fiction.

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