This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis and Martin Waxman discuss the top 5 questions any company should ask a PR agency regarding social media when they are shopping around for a firm.

00:27 Terry opens the show.

01:21 Martin tells us about his travels to the Counselors Academy conference and the CPRS annual conference in Vancouver.

07:36 Martin introduces this week’s topic: What are some of the questions a client can ask a PR agency in order to gauge whether or not they have a strong handle on social media practices?

08:08 The first question is: How active is the agency and its employees in the social media world?  For example, are they using Twitter?  Do they blog?

11:39 Terry asks the next question: What social media projects or case studies has the agency already accomplished?

14:25 Martin asks the third question: According to the agency, what are the governing principles of social media?

19:25 The fourth question is: How do you monitor social media and what kind of response do you get back?  Do you use Google Alerts or Technorati?

23:45: Finally, how does your company fit with the agency?  Does the relationship feel right?

26:10 Terry closes the show.

Our theme music is Streetwalker by Cjacks and is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Sarah Laister.


  1. Simon Mason

    Hi Terry, Martin and David,

    I have been listening for a few weeks now and really enjoy the show – lots of great advice.

    One question. You were talking this week about blogging for clients and how the agency shouldn’t be the one to write the blog. I completely agree with this, but, do you think it is ok for the client to record their thoughts (either as a voice recording or just jotting down a few notes), send this over to the agency and then let it use this to draft the blog post?

    For example I have clients who are interested in the idea of blogging but lack the confidence to write – part of the reason for employing us in the first place was to improve the strength of their copy whether in brochures, sales letters, the website etc.

    Do you think drafting blog posts based on the client’s ideas crosses the line?

    Thanks again for the great podcast, I look forward to listening every week.

    Kind regards,


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