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This week on Inside PR, MartinJoe, and Gini discuss the pros and cons of attending conferences.

0:19 Martin opens the show.

1:11 Martin brings up the first listener comment, from Bob Ledrew, about the upcoming Podcasters Across Borders taking place in Ottawa this June.

1:41 Joe explains what Podcasters Across Borders is.

4:09 Joe introduces this week’s topic, conferences, and mentions Martin and Gini’s upcoming trip to the Counselors Academy in Asheville, NC.

5:15 Gini mentions she doesn’t get a lot from speakers and workshops at Counselors, but she benefits from being able to talk and brainstorm with others.

11:30 Joe wishes that conference sponsors would pitch less and educate more.

13:50 Joe kicks off the -30- segment

19:29 Martin wraps up the show.

Our theme music was created by Damon de SzegheoRoger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


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