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This week on Inside PR, MartinGini and Joe talk about the recent changes to Facebook.

0:28 Martin opens the show.

2:25 Martin shares a comment from Yasin Sterling Akgun who asks Martin, Gini and Joe to discuss using blogs for press releases vs. print media.

3:02 Gini shares per perspective on the matter.

6:00 Joe thinks news releases are the best container for authoritative information.

9:15 Martin announces this week’s topic: the new changes in Facebook.

10:08 Gini references how Michael Arrington demonstrated the lack of control over the new group features by adding Mark Zuckerberg to a group without his approval or consent.

13:23 Joe says that since the last few privacy missteps from Facebook, he has cut back on his number of Facebook friends.

16:20 Martin finds it interesting that Facebook keeps introducing opt-out features despite negative reactions to previous opt-out features.

17:02 Joe isn’t as fond of Facebook as he once was.

19:19 Martin wraps up the show.

Our theme music was created by Damon de SzegheoRoger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


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