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This week on Inside PR, Martin, Gini and Joe think back about what, if anything, they would change about their careers.

0:27 Martin opens the show.

1:44 Martin shares a comment from two listeners. The first comes from Victoria, a PR student. Victoria mentioned Inside PR as a podcast she really enjoys listening too.

2:09 Eden Spodek, who was mentioned in last week’s episode, shares the best way to approach bloggers to get them to talk about your client or their product.

3:34 Martin talks about a pharma conference he recently attended and wonders if social media and pharma policies go together?

7:07 This week’s topic comes from a comment posted on Gini’s blog. Rachael Seda asks “What is one thing you wish you could’ve done differently (or just done period) in the beginning of your careers?”

7:31 Joe doesn’t think he has any regrets.

8:43 Martin tells us what he would have done differently.

10:49 Gini wishes she realized how resourceful the people she worked with were.

12:48 Joe thinks young people need to realize the mobility they have in their careers when they were young.

15:52 Gini believes young people have a unique perspective on communications, one that they should be confident in sharing.

18:14 Martin closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


  1. Not only is it silly, but a monumental waste of time to try to build social media profiles/sites with one way communication in mind. Doing so completely negates the purpose. As far as ghosting sm content, just as Gini said, all ghosted content I provide absolutely MUST be reviewed and approved before published. It does get a little insane w/doing ghost tweets (usually pre-planned, reviewed and edited well in advance) … However, it does work!

    Also – 100% agreed! Life is waaaay too short to just ‘show up for work’. If what you do doesn’t bring you joy and then through you, joy to others, find something else to do.

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