Right now the United States are in the middle of GOP Presidential race and it’s an interesting time, to be sure.

That’s why our interview with Mary Barber is so timely.

Mary, if you don’t know, is the founder of The Barber Group, which is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. As a side note: Alaska is having its coldest and most snowy winter on record. While it’s scary for the residents, some of us (who love snow) are living vicariously through Mary’s Facebook updates.

Last year, Mary worked with a team of communication professionals to mobilize around a candidate.

But not just any candidate…a write-in candidate who won.

It was the first time a write-in candidate has won anywhere since 1954.

We won’t ruin the interview for you, but you’ll want to listen to see how they mobilized many people to get out the message, had a message of the day, and how they were each responsible for one platform and one audience.

She also discusses how they integrated online conversations with tried and true offline tactics, such as walking a district.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for addressing my comment on this week’s show. I wanted to follow up re: my Google+ press event.

    I pitched a journalist on doing a Google+ Hangout for a product demo and that conversation morphed in trying to have an On Air hangout so the outlet’s readers could participate and it would be an real-time, interactive session that brought people together around my company’s product.

    Unfortunately, On Air hangouts aren’t enabled in Canada yet so our initial vision wasn’t able to materialize but we’re going to use another platform and scale the session back a bit. But Google+ was really the spark that started the whole thing.

    I still see the value of Google+ as a PR tool because in my “testing” of hangouts with screen sharing I really came to realize the potential of hangouts for PR because Google+ has taken what can sometimes be a complicated process of doing a “webinar” and put the platform in everyone’s hands and more importantly, made it really easy to use. And I can’t stress the ease of use factor enough because we all know that you need to make engaging with the press quick and painless for everyone. Google+ hangouts aren’t really anything new per se but the implementation and integration is amazing and the future looks bright.

    This is only the beginning for Google+ in the PR space and I’m really excited to have On Air hangouts available to everyone so that I can leverage them more in the future.

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