As a vegetarian, I was very interested to learn more about the Oink Outings with the Minnesota Pork Producers, particularly how they care for the baby pigs to make sure they get the right nutrition as soon as they’re born so, well, they can be slaughtered and brought to your dinner table.

While they didn’t turn me back into a carnivore, this interview covers more than just public relations, results, and the Silver Anvil entry.

You’ll learn that Oink Outings are events created by the Minnesota Pork Producers and Weber Shandwick to get moms to the farm. There they learn about what the pork producers do – from farm to fork – in order to build trust for the product. The goal was to show moms it’s OK to serve pork to their families and that it can be a trusted food source.

One of the things Weber Shandwick did as part of the PR program is survey moms before and after the program. What they found is a 79 percent increase in trust after moms had been on an Oink Outing.

When asked the three things other communications professionals can take away from the program, they said: Have passion for your work, measure your efforts (before, during, and after), and have fun!

If you have passion and know how to combine that with strategy and measurement, you’ll win every time.

Have a listen…I think you’ll enjoy hearing from a Minnesota Pork Producer. Her passion is very clear during the discussion.

Also in this episode…

The “We Love Our School” initiative from Bounty left behind chalkboards that gleamed brighter, windows free of fingerprints, and desks so clean you could eat off them. By cleaning more than 2,500 classrooms across the country, “Bounty” and “clean classrooms” was on the tips of the tongues of more than 25,000 volunteers and 430,000 students.

When Bounty learned teachers were spending their own money and time on classroom cleaning and supplies, the brand saw an opportunity to put its product to use for communities and students nationwide.  Launched on Valentine’s Day last year, “We Love Our School” successfully mobilized the Bounty target audience – moms with kids in school – to launch a nationwide school cleaning initiative.

Bounty encouraged parents, students and administrators to take the “We Love Our School” pledge and vowed to help provide cleaner learning environments to help foster creativity and hands-on learning.

With a multi-faceted campaign containing a persistent message, strong sampling and “always on” social media, Bounty’s program fulfilled a need in the community and engaged consumers with its “We Love Our School” initiative.

With roving reporter Gini Dietrich (aka me), you’ll learn more about the program, the research compiled ahead of time, and the results that created clean classrooms across the country.


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