It’s our last episode of the year – our winter finale, if you will. We take a look at the things that affected each of us, both in running our own businesses and working with clients.

This was the year Facebook hit one billion users and social networks, in general, wormed their way into every part of our lives. This was the year that it became impossible to treat social media as anything other than the main show.

Of course, we also had the introduction of the visual social networks with Pinterest and Instagram and even sites such as Mashable became more visually appealing.

Martin Waxman talks about the phenomenon known as Gangnam style and how interesting it is what goes viral and what does not. As a side note: We talk about doing an Inside PR Gangnam style dance next time we’re together. Who wants to see that??

Joe Thornley talked about the convergence of agencies and how Thornley Fallis ran into ad agencies during what would normally be PR firm pitches to prospective clients. Of course, Marketing in the Round calls for this breaking down of silos and integrating the disciplines and it was interesting to see it begin to take place this year.

We discuss search and what Google is doing with search plus your world. Martin mentions how Google now sees “Joe” and “Thornley” as a person instead of two words. And we talk about how tools, such as Zemanta, help you create content that is both optimized and has the right links included.

Joe, of course, talks about how “Trust Me I’m Lying” changed his sunny disposition about the blogosphere. He talks about how the era of trust is gone and how most bloggers are more interested in getting the backlinks and traffic than in creating a community.

And I wrap it all up with color commentary about each of the trends. You’ll have to listen to learn more.

Now it’s your turn. What was your year like?


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  1. Why the U.S. spelling of “color” instead of the Canadian/British spelling, “colour?” The post for this episode was written by Gini Dietrich, proudly American, proudly committed to those pesky U.S. spellings. The Queen’s English blushes. 😉


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