Yes, this is a “lost” episode of Inside PR. It’s late being posted. Not because it’s not a good episode. But because Joe¬†dropped the ball. ūüôĀ

But, if you’re interested in tools to help you with your online research, we have news about delicious and Diigo.

And Branch is out of Beta. Have you taken a look at it? Do you see a use case for Branch?

@martinwaxman points to the Nielsen Social Media Report 2012. Martin says that we live in a mobile world and Gini says this should affect not just the way that we publish our content (e.g. responsive design), but the manner in which we write and produce that content. (If you’re interested in more discussion on the Nielsen report, you can hear Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson‘s discussion on the For Immediate Release podcast.)

Finally, we chatted about Lance Armstrong and Oprah. Did it work for him?


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  1. Michèle

    Really enjoyed this segment…I, like Gini am a huge cyclist and I totally was in denial throughout most of Lance’s accusation period…(gullible, yes!)
    I’ve got mixed feelings about his interview with Oprah and am concerned his charity will take the blunt of this and investers will get scared to stop being so generous. (I don’t blame them though)

    Thx for sharing info on the other research tools, I will be checking them out. (does Delicious have an iPad app?)

  2. Although this was posted months ago, the topics discussed are still relevant. I’m a PR graduate student at Kent State University so I enjoyed hearing about Branch. My professor has encouraged us to try delicious and other social bookmarking tools. Branch seems interesting in that you can pick specific lines from articles to share. I think that’s a great way to start conversation with others especially if it’s something that really sticks out to you. I haven’t signed up for a Branch account but I did check out the website. I also feel a little “platform exhaustion.” Tons of new platforms to keep up with but I think this relates to the notion that you must decide which are the best outlets for your audience. You don’t have to use everything but at least be knowledgeable of how to use the various platforms. Finally I’m in the 18-34 demographic so taking to social media for social care purposes is a great option. It’s quick and depending on how forceful or praiseworthy the conversation, companies will respond ASAP! Thanks for the insights!

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