We’re trying something a little bit different this week. We have a video of our interview with Mickey Nall, managing director of Ogilvy and incoming chair and CEO of PRSA International.

But don’t fear! Those of you who prefer the audio version (and to hear the voices of Joe Thornley, Martin Waxman, and me), Kristine Simpson stripped the audio from the video and edited it into our normal recording.

This interview is really interesting because Nall breaks down his goals for 2013 into three areas: Value, ethics, and diversity.

We discuss the three, where we think this year will take us from his perspective, and whether or not we agree. Martin and Nall discuss the types of things PRSA members receive and whether or not they’re valuable, particularly in this new economy where we’re all doing more with less.

Of course, ethics is a big one as we could all readily quote some recent issues with large PR firms (and PRSA members) getting caught doing some unethical things, in the form of whisper campaigns and more.

The diversity angle has some fun debate – we don’t all agree on what that means. Does it mean diversity as it relates to males and females? Or nationalities? Or both?

We’ll leave these things for you to listen (and watch!) and decide. Where do you land on PRSA member value, ethics, and diversity?


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