When Six Pixels of Separation came out, it was a book ahead of its time and it put Mitch Joel on the map. To me, he was one of those authors I was dying to meet, but also a little intimidated by because of his thinking that really made you wonder if he had a crystal ball.

I remember the first time he commented on Spin Sucks. I’m pretty sure I ran around the office screaming, “Mitch Joel just commented on the blog!”

Since then we’ve become friends. While we don’t agree on everything, I respect the heck out of his brain and look forward to the debate that ensues when a topic of disagreement arises.

Now he is back with another book, titled “Ctrl Alt Delete” and it was my pleasure to sit down for a few minutes with him to understand why business leaders need to reboot their businesses, and the rest of us need to reboot our lives.

The book is divided into two sections: The first is for business leaders and the second is for everyone else.

As I listened to his calm and reassuring voice read the book to me through my earbuds while I rode my bike, I panicked a little bit about the advice he gives to individuals in “Reboot: You.”

He’s not wrong about any of it. If anything, it should inspire you to want more from your careers, to maintain control of your destiny, and to find the perfect position for you that allows you to do what you love. But, as a business owner, you always fear you’re not running your organization in a way that is flexible enough to move with the trends, but also that your team will get fed up and leave.

We talk about that, about how to get digital into your blood – even if you’re not a digital native – and about what the future of business looks like in the next 10 years.


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