Martin here and it’s a jam-packed episode this week. But first a milestone: it’s been nine years since Terry Fallis and David Jones started Inside PR and we want to give Terry and Dave a big congratulations and bigger thank you! And thanks to all of you for sticking with us. If you’re interested, head to the archives and listen to IPR #1.

Back to 2015…On today’s show, we talk about three things:

1. When to hire a PR firm – and when you should wait
Gini wrote a post about a startup client whose product wasn’t ready when they hired her firm, so any traffic the Arment Dietrich team drove to the site led to customer frustration since the business wasn’t ready for…um business. Moral: sometimes entrepreneurs need to put the brakes on their PR efforts until they have something to show, solid goals and can afford it.

2. PR generalist or specialist – where is the industry heading?
According to the Holmes Report Card, in recent years PR agencies have been hiring specialists over generalists, similar to the way things operate in the ad and marketing industries. However, data now shows the generalist may still have a role, especially as it pertains to developing strategy. Thanks to Shel Holtz for suggesting this idea.

3. LinkedIn buys – are jobs posting now going to be linked to skills training?
LinkedIn’s become a publisher, job source, networking space and virtual rolodex and now it’s moving into training with its $1.5 billion purchase of training site, See a job you want but lack some of the skills. LI may have a training program for you. Thanks to Alison Garwood-Jones for suggesting this topic.

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  1. I loved the conversation about when companies should choose to hire a marketing/public relations firm. I agree that businesses look at firms as miracle workers, but they are often not ready for the next steps PR professionals suggest for them to take. I have an interest in crisis communications, which is one of the reasons why I was so intrigued by this conversation. I loved your advice on when you should hire a firm and how the company will know when they are ready. Also, I think that LinkedIn purchasing was a great business move! It is a very nice partnership! I think it will be a cool way for college students to build skills potential employers on LinkedIn desire from their employees. Check out the post I made about the struggles of being a college student!

  2. Martin Author

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments, Breyanna. We appreciate it. I checked out your blog and like your writing style and the visual design. Keep it up and let us know if you have any subjects you’d like us to talk about on the show. All the best with your studies!

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