It’s fall—well, almost—and there’s a hint of excitement in the air. At least it feels like there should be!

Kids are going back to school. College and universities are offering more in-person classes. And people are getting revved up for the busiest season of the year.

But are you ready to go back to the office or would you prefer to work remotely or in some type of hybrid situation?

And how will you communicate what you decide to your team?

Of course, there are no easy answers, but if you’re interested in our take, check out this episode of Inside PR.

Gini Dietrich, Joe Thornley and Martin Waxman talk about:

  • The importance of having a communicator in the room when workplace decisions are being made.
  • Why organizations need to listen closely and pay attention to people’s reactions.
  • Giving employees an opportunity to voice their opinions and know they’re being heard, rather than simply feeling they’re being talked at.
  • Creating a culture of empathy by understanding people’s situations, anxieties and fears.
  • Being flexible and letting people know nothing’s set in stone and that you’re prepared to adapt if need be.

And finally a word of advice from Joe: If you’re on a Zoom meeting and someone says something that makes your blood boil. Don’t get into a fight. Shut your camera and mic. Take a breath and try to see things from your colleague’s point of view. Then come back when your temper’s cooled so you can have a more balanced (and hopefully productive) conversation.

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