Inside PR #107 – Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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This week on Inside PR, Terry Fallis, Dave Jones, Keith McArthur and Julie Rusciolelli talk about the use of social media in public relations, ethics and muse over the communications and legal fields. They welcome comments from Bob LeDrew, Michael O’Connor Clarke, Eden Spodek, Shel Holtz and Garen Stepanian.

Martin Waxman is away this week.

Show Notes

01:24 Dave introduces the show

01:30 Dave reads the comment about IPR 106 from Bob LeDrew. Bob is a member of the Thornley Fallis team in Ottawa and writes the Flack Life blog

03:11 Terry talks about taking IPR on the road

04:10 Michael O’Connor Clarke leaves a message about IPR 106. Michael is a member of the Thornley Fallis team in Toronto and writes Uninstalled. During his comment he refers to World of Ends and Doc Searls’ and David Weinberger’s theory on who owns the Internet

No one owns it.
Everyone can use it.
Anyone can improve it.

06:24 Michael does Inside Proper English: Metaphor V. Simile

09:32 Eden Spodek leaves a comment regarding the importance of understanding the principles of social media before applying them in a client involved environment. Eden hails from

12:17 Terry mentions the importance of strategy over tactics

12:45 Dave talks about the missuses of social media tools

14:33 Keith introduces the comment from Shel Holtz and his opinion on ethics in PR. This discussion is continued from IPR 103

19:23 Terry tells the listeners about Shel Holtz’ and Neville Hobson’s contribution to IPR

19:52 The ethics debate begins again

27:07 Julie introduces the comment from Garen Stepanian

27:54 Terry, Julie, Dave and Keith all talk to their experiences working with Lawyers current and past and the synergy between law and public relations

37:39 Terry Signs off

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This week’s episode of Inside PR was produced by Samantha Lovelace.