In this special edition of Inside PR, Terry spends just over 20 minutes in conversation with Susanne Courtney, founder and President of Courtney Rainey Group, a full service public relations agency in Toronto. Terry and Susanne share their insights on a range of issues including:

1:55 – PR’s image and the creation of the Canadian Council of PR Firms
8:45 – the integration of PR in business school curricula
11:03 – the emerging role of PR in building trust and reputation
14:53 – community college PR programs
17:01 – PR to meet business goals
18:31 – the new Media Relations Ratings Points measurement system to be unveiled on April 20th in Toronto.

Background on Susanne Courtney
A senior communications professional with experience in Canada and major international markets, Susanne brings to the table a global perspective on corporate and financial communications, crisis and issue management, product marketing and brand building. Following a stint in Canada’s Foreign Service with postings in France and Africa, Susanne joined Hill and Knowlton in the early 1990s. She founded Courtney Rainey Group in 1999 where she is President.

Opening and closing music by Alamantra on the Podsafe Music Network. As always, Roger Dey is our voice-over guru.


  1. Great interview, Terry. A very nice conversation between two agency presidents that really dug deep into some key issues.

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