Thanks to everyone who commented and gave feedback on the first show. We were encouraged by the response.

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Show Notes – Inside PR #2 (30 minutes)

:30 – Welcome and feedback on Inside PR #1

1:45 – Audio comment from Donna Papacosta

2:25 – listener comments (Colin McKay, Blake Barbera, Robert French, Ed, Forward Blog, Eric Eggertson, Stuart MacDonald, Lynn Rockwell, Elana Setton, Karen Nussbaum)

6:35 – Audio comment from Neville Hobson

9:40 – Podcasters Across Borders (June 23/24) event in Kingston, Ontario announced

11:14 – Mesh Toronto (May 15/16) conference releases schedule

11:41 – MRP measurement system launches April 20

12:21 – British political blogger (hat tip to Neville Hobson)

13:10 – Discussion about Canada’s politicians blogging

15:45 – Comment from Carol Panasiuk, GM of Cohn & Wolfe’s Toronto office; Terry and David discuss the state of the PR industry’s reputation;

19:55 – David mentions the PR Surgery blog

26:07 – Terry introduces clip of Susanne Courtney, president of Courtney Rainey Group, Toronto; mentions there will be a special edition of Inside PR featuring the entire interview

27:54 – Wrap-up; reminder of feedback mail address mailto: [email protected]; mention of Waxmail for sending audio comments

28:35 – David notes he forgot to mention a bit of constructive feedback from Caroline Wilson a professor at the University of Birmingham; David hopes the pace has increased and pledges to continually improve the show.

30:00 – end

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  1. Still listening, gentlemen, and still enjoying the podcast.

    On the topic of PR’s image, I am selfish. I want my students to hear these criticisms from inside the industry, and not just from outside. I think your discussions are refreshing.

    Yes, some have tired of hearing criticism of the profession. However, the time for open discussion of the topic arrived long ago. You are simply doing what has been long awaited.

    Perhaps if we engage in these active evaluations of the problems, we won’t have to hear the criticisms so often. And, just because individuals recognize flaws does not mean that the whole industry is damned. It is refreshing to hear PR professionals address problems and offer solutions.

    Please keep the discussion going.

  2. Many thanks Robert. We agree. It’s also worth mentioning that we’ll not be focusing exclusively on our industry’s “problems,” but I like to think we’ll also explore solutions. Otherwise, there would be grounds for some criticism of our approach. Hope you noted Dave’s reference to the correct home state of Auburn in the last show. A respectful nod to our heroes at FIR. Thanks for listening. Onwards…

  3. Hey Terry,

    Agreed, the consideration of solutions is the key. And I think you guys are taking that track, which I applaud.

    Yep, I caught Dave’s Alabama reference. It gave me a chuckle. Shel and Neville took my kidding well, thank goodness.

    Take care.

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